Isabel Preysler talks about the state of health of her son, Enrique Iglesias, who is ill with pneumonia

The age of women and men does not matter, because for mothers they will always be their little children and the authoritative voice to say what they are doing.

And thus Isabella Preislermother of enrique iglesiasMade a show of it and few hours back gave the medical report of the singer who canceled his participation in the festival last week Tecate symbol from Mexico City, for one pneumonia,

In an interview with journalist Carlos Pérez Gimeno, the woman reassured fans of the “Hero” interpreter, who is already recovering without any problems.

“It was a scare, but luckily he is already home. My son is very responsible and for him to cancel the concert was a big disappointment because he is a great professional,” he said.

“Fortunately he is recovering, although he is still bedridden, and we hope that in a few days he can return to his professional activity,” he said.

Iglesias, 48, has yet to issue a comment as he explained in a statement that he could not be at Tecate Emblema.

“I have pneumonia and the doctors have advised me complete rest and have forbidden me from boarding the plane,” he told me at the time.

“I am deeply saddened by what it means to cancel this show in a country that has given me so much,” the singer said.

There is also his mother, Isabelle Preisler. Julio Iglesias Jr. and Chabeli Iglesias. She has been the image of chocolate firms as well as a television presenter. He was recently a writer from Peru mario vargas losaWith which he ended last December.

Enrique, meanwhile, counts a 28-year career in which he has sold more than 70 million physical and digital records.

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