It is Santi, the 3.5 million winner in Bonoloto, who will keep his bar open in rural Zamora

It is Santi, the 3.5 million winner in Bonoloto, who will keep his bar open in rural ZamoraMary A Montesinos

to the innkeeper of Kanizal (Zamora) santiago sierraWin almost three and a half million euros in Bonolotolife hasn’t changed And despite the fact that he won the award seven days ago, he still continues to open his bar and serve customers every morning. Like I’m not a millionaire.

In Santi Bar, this is located next to the town hall of the city of Zamora 400 residentsbrand new millionaire Serve coffee and stamp La Primitiva tickets in a brisk manner and with his easygoing and jovial character, without showing that he was favored 3,428,346.51 Euro in Bonoloto on 13 May.

The ticket was stamped in his own bar, where he has issued pool, lottery and state bets “for a lifetime”, as he explained to EFE.

In fact, barely an hour after the draw when they learned they had six correct answers, they had the whole town celebrate in style, with an open bar to all residents that Saturday night and throughout Sunday. Let him go. But On Monday, as if nothing had happened, he continued his routine, which he maintains even after a week of becoming a millionaire.,

five minutes to closing

“It’s been an opportunity,” declares this hotelier about the award he received, going on to explain below that he’s verified more than one ticket since the previous day. He had a prize of 231 Euros which he planned to collect and never play again. However, five minutes before the Satta terminal was to close at 9 pm, he changed his mind.

“I had a number I liked, which was 24”, so he decided to repeat the combination with that number and after 35 minutes he became the winner of the first category, the only one to match all six numbers: 9, 24, 34, 39, 46 and 49.

a prize cloud of nerves

“With our nerves we thought we had five, we didn’t see that there were six,” he confessed, when checking tickets. then came partying with friends at the bar, He couldn’t sleep that night, not because the award kept him awake, but because he was partying until dawn, though without leaving the bar.

The next day, his first Sunday with seven digits in his bank account, He reopened the trap and his routineThough that day, with free drinks for all, The only thing he put in the box was Mitra.

the bar that his grandfather opened 70 years ago

A week later, Santi’s bar, opened 70 years ago by his grandfather and run by his father before the current owner and new millionaire, continues with the same stirring of drinks and the same innkeeper behind the bar.

When asked if he hasn’t had some craze with the award, he admits he hasn’t yet, and about continuing behind bars, he explains that He does not want the hotel establishment to be closed because of the history behind it.

I do too thank you customersAlthough he believes that he intends move it So that from now on you don’t have to get up early and take life more calmly.

He and his wife, who run the bar together with their daughter, are now a family of millionaires who, as he admits, still haven’t gotten used to.

It is also not clear how he will celebrate his 52nd birthday in a week, but this much is certain that it will be ‘special’ less worries in your life,

Santi has intuition that he will soon give a reward greater than himself And the residents of Canizal should learn something too, because according to what he says, since he became a millionaire, the state lottery and gambling vending machines have become much more active.

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