“It shows the best and worst of itself.” Steven Spielberg picks the movie he’d teach the aliens if they came to visit us

Giorgio A. Forget about Soukalos—yes, the hairy guy from the “Aliens” meme—because it looks like Steven Spielberg going to be our trusted ufologist Now that Iker Jimenez cares more about other, more mundane things; And it is that King Midas of Hollywood thinks things are pretty clear with regard to our potential galactic neighbors.

intergalactic afternoon session

A few months ago we told you that the man responsible for modern classics such as ‘ET, Alien’ or ‘Encounter in the Third Phase’ I theorized about the possibility that we are no longer alone in the universeBut that those visitors will be themselves in 500,000 years and not the typical little green men of popular imagination.

Well, during an interview with Stephen Colbert, the presenter asked Spielberg What would be the movie that would teach the aliens? If they come to visit us one day. a question for which the filmmaker, a priori, does not find a clear and concise answer, but which Colbert solves by suggesting ‘Symphony of Life’ by Sam Wood, starring William Holden and Martha Scott.

“It tries to look at the human experience objectively. It is a reconstruction of what is beautiful and precious in each day of our lives. To me it would be something, the joy of daily life that we do not see at all.”

After the interviewer’s reflection, the interviewer turns the question around to find out which movie won’t show them, to which the filmmaker jokingly replies ‘no’ by Jordan Peele, which he has enjoyed. Of course, they believe they might like, in a somewhat tricky way, to turn it into their symbol.

Finally, Steven Spielberg Found a Chosen One to Represent Our Species, and that is none other than ‘How beautiful it is to live’; tape that, according to the director, “shows the best and worst of himself in a story”, cliche? To be able to right choice? Too.

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