It was the first person who believed in Catalina Aristizabal at the beginning of her career – Publicatro Colombia

The world of entertainment and television is complicated and full of luck and talent. Many women have aspired to come on television and present themselves, but only a few have been successful. Besides having talent and discipline, it is true that it is very important that someone who is already there sponsors or helps to get there. This was the case of Catalina Aristizabal, who was discovered and taken into confidence by a great journalist.

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Sergio Barbosa was in charge of searching for the best presenters in Colombia

Sergio Barbosa, who has had a very long and illustrious career in Colombia, has been in charge of the search and Colombians rely on new talent for television, as I create many formats for entertainment programs on RCN and Caracol.

One of the great examples of success is the ‘RCN Style’ presenter, who revealed that one day he met a young blonde girl, With which they didn’t know what to do, so they looked at him and assured him that he sensed something in him that could work.

was no less than Catalina Aristizbal, who years later became one of the most important presenters in the history of entertainment in Colombia, as well as one of the most beautiful women.

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From there he started his career. Sergio was the first to trust him and from where he took advantage of his experience to become one of the greatest presenters in Colombia.

Today the presenter has dedicated himself The digital content focuses on nutrition and yoga, with which she has managed to identify with and follow good tips that also let the nutrition juice.

Without a doubt, Sergio has gone down in the history of those who know him, as the man who has managed to place recognized formats and presenters in the history of Colombian television.

during your interview for the program ‘It is said of me’, Laura Tobon also dedicated some tender words to him remembering their friendship.

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