It’ll Be “Tomorrow” by Freddie Mercury

“Tomorrow” sung by Freddie Mercury Song entirely composed by AI… Music is about to experience a great revolution.

The next revolution in music will be powered by AI: it will happen "Tomorrow" sung by freddie mercury
Artificial Intelligence promises to lead the next great revolution in the world of music.

next Revolution in the world of music has begun and led by artificial intelligence, The use of this technology in the field of music is already producing amazing results, as it allows us to hear How can this be Tomorrow if freddie mercury sang it Or how the song itself, created entirely by artificial intelligence, sounds.

In fact, you may even already be trying out MusicLM, Google’s AI for creating music from text. You don’t need to know how to play an instrument, technology does it for you. Right now we’re only seeing the first results of the union of music and artificial intelligence, but it’s A collaboration that promises to be very important And above all, in terrible for his compositions.

AI leads the next revolution in music

If you browse Twitter regularly, you’ve probably seen a few publications in recent months that show you How would some songs be if they were sung by other artists?, For example, we can see how it would be Tomorrow If only it had been interpreted by Freddie Mercury and not The Beatles. There are already hundreds more existing examples on Twitter, YouTube and other platforms. they are still as amazing,

These new songs are just a showcase of how artificial intelligence is making its way into the world of music. The most impressive thing is that those songs were reinterpreted by other singers. they seem real in many casesWhich shows the incredible work that AI can do.

The connection between music and artificial intelligence goes a step further and we can even see 100% songs created by technology, For example, we can find topic called Oops!!! In which, Bad Bunny, Rihanna and Ariana Grande are believed to be involved. We say this because the fact is that this song was generated by AI and the cast had nothing to do in its construction.

This isn’t the only case we found when we searched YouTube. another example is wapSpoof song from Drake and Kanye West accumulates half a million visits At that time we write these words. In fact, we know that some AI-generated tracks have been published on Spotify, although they are removed from the platform after a while,

Another example showing the growing relationship between music and artificial intelligence MusicLM is a project powered by Google Which allows you to create songs even without having any advanced knowledge in this world. Topics are created from text descriptions that you enter yourself, you can also Choose the mood you want to convey with lyrics.

Based on your requests, MusicLM will create two different themes for you to choose from. However, this and other projects that combine artificial intelligence and music have problems. copyrightSince AI’s work based on existing songs,

The advent of artificial intelligence in music promises surprising results, and many controversies over issues such as copyright. It remains only to wait to see what they are The next step in this very special relationship,

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