It’s the ‘early’ of Season 2, played by Tatsuya Kitani

Just two weeks ago we learned the name of the first ‘opening’ and ‘ending’ of the second season (2) Jujutsu Casen. Now, during MAPPA Stage 2023, the animation studio in charge of producing the ‘anime’ adaptation of Gege Akutami’s work has revealed a new trailer that includes a short preview ,come no sumika» (Blue House), the first ‘opening’ of season 2 jujutsu casen played by Tatsuya Kitani,

Tatsuya Kitani “is also known to have performed the song”.Mark«, the first ‘opening’ of the adaptation of the final arc of the ‘manga’ by Tite Kubo.

The first ‘ending’ of the second season (2) of jujutsu casenwhich will be performed by solo artist Soushi Sakiyama, is called «Akari,

when does season 2 episode 1 come out Jujutsu How?

when does jujutsu kaisen come out episode 1 season 2
First look art for Itadori, Fushiguro and Kugisaki in season 2 Jujutsu Casen.

release date of season 2 first episode (1) of jujutsu casen 6th July is Thursday. Now we know when episode 1 of season 2 will be out jujutsu casenIt should be noted that this season will focus on two story arcs from Gage Akutami’s ‘manga’.

Story arcs that we will see in season 2 Jujutsu Casen:

  • Stellar Plasma Vessel or Gozo’s Past (“Kaigyoku/Gyokusetsu”): The seventh (7) story arc of the ‘manga’ jujutsu casen It starts in chapter 65 and ends in 78. This Is The Plot Arc That Will Begin When Season 2 Episode 1 Begins Jujutsu Casen.
  • Shibuya incident, The eighth (8) arc starts in chapter 79 and ends in 137 of the ‘manga’ jujutsu casen, arch of Shibuya incident It is the longest of Gege Akutami’s works. season 2 part 2 jujutsu casen Will adopt this plot arc.

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when does jujutsu kaisen come out episode 1 season 2
This is what second year students Nanami and Gojo will look like in the second half of season 2 Jujutsu Casen.

Source: TOHO Animation Official YouTube Channel

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