Ivan Lalinde’s comment that made Valentina Lizcano uncomfortable in ‘Dia a Diya’

Iván Lalinde is one of the most popular as well as most loved presenters on Colombian television. Some will remember him for his time on ‘El Precio Es Correcto’, others will do so for his participation in some formats of ‘La Voz’ – junior and senior – and some more in the morning show ‘Dia a Diya’ for his presence. ,

Among her classmates Carolina Cruz, Carolina Soto, Catalina Gomez and Juan Diego Venegas, the journalist has earned a very special place in the hearts of the audience and also among the guests of the event. However, his outgoing personality hasn’t exempted him from acting in some controversial comments.

A few days back he was under public scrutiny after criticizing Karol G’s appearance in the video clip of ‘TQG’, the musical collaboration that the Paisa artiste made with Shakira. And, recently, it was again After launching a controversial comment in the middle of a conversation with Valentina Lizcano, who was a guest on ‘Diya A Diya’.

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The actress, best remembered for her participation in productions like ‘La Reina del Flo 2’, ‘El Secretario’ and ‘Polvo Carnavalero’, told the cameras that construction was being done in front of her house, causing workers to throw pick up lines. The condition has also made it difficult for their young daughter to sleep.

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After listening to the presenter’s story, Ivan Lalinde wanted to give his opinion on the matter. “It’s typical,” said the reporter. However, his remarks were not well received by Lizcano, who disagreed with the argument that this type of position is not appropriate.

Among other things, Lizano made it clear that the praise from the workers was nothing more than a lack of respect for her and her daughter. As if that wasn’t enough, she pointed out that she doesn’t dress for men.

Given the actress’ situation, Lalinde wanted to clarify that her intention in starting her comment was not to normalize harassment, but to emphasize that it is a reality. Common in society, even for men. The morning show, for its part, also did not want to ignore the conversation between celebrities and highlighted Lizcano’s opinion through a post on Instagram.

“Actress Valentina Lizano totally agrees with the compliment, she just isn’t into it in the way the word is distorted, Because it should be a compliment and not rude behavior as some men sometimes show it,” the television program wrote on its Instagram account.

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The matter did not stop here. A few hours later, through another clip published by ‘Diya A Diya’, Valentina wanted to reaffirm her position and point out that feminism is not a movement against men, but the normalization of certain masculine behaviours. Is to try to separate, such as, for example, street harassment.

Along these lines, she affirmed the need to stand up, raise your voice in the face of this type of matter, and normalize the conversation around respecting women. The actress said in front of the camera, “Using the voice of social networks to inform and educate about the respect of women (…) Respect starts with us and to be able to set limits we have to Voice has to be raised.”

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Through her Instagram stories, Lizcano updated her followers about the compliments she received from the workers and said that, after seeking out the construction engineer, she was able to establish telephone contact with him to discuss the situation . And, if possible, take care. each other among women.

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