“I’ve thought a lot about my kids”

The ‘El Desafio’ competitor has managed to reach 4:08 minutes in apnea, placing her third in the general rankings this season, surpassed only by Rosa López and Jorge Blanco.

Marilo Monteiro shows emotion on his face and between tears goes back to the tank to vent after the test. Juandy Alcazar whispers how proud she is of him after the contestant’s great time.

Rosa López, winner of the previous event and leader in the general apnea ranking, congratulates her partner on his feat in apnea.

Marilo Monteiro assures that she has been meditating during the trial and focused on who she thought about in apnea, “the image of my children kept coming to my mind” of ‘El Desafio’ Confirms the contestants in the semi-finals.

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