Jaime’s emotion when it is revealed that Aitana turns around while singing ‘You’re Going to Stay’

The fifth night of the Blind Auditions has been an unforgettable one. After a performance by little Lucia Schibler, who surprised her with a lyrical rendition when she was only eight years old, it’s her turn jamie de la vega,

This eleven year old boy introduces himself Biggest fan of Aitana And tonight he has fulfilled his dream of meeting her.

Jaime is very nervous on stage, not because of singing, but because of meeting his biggest idol. In fact, he himself has chosen and sung a song of Aitana.you are going to stay‘ to pass the blind auditions.

The little one starts singing and immediately Rosario, Bisbal and Yatra notice the Barcelonan. Aitana is very aware of how the little one sang her song and decided to press the button… beautiful moment!

Jaime was very excited when he saw Aitana turn up and he started to lose control of his nerves. David Bisbal and Rosario He did not hold back in supporting his fellow and younger talent.

It was clear that Jaime went with Aitana without hesitation, and not even in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would be with his great idol in ‘La Voz Kids’. Welcome!

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