James Gunn confirms that a seemingly doomed DC character has a future in the DCU

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unless you’ve spent the last few months recovering from the terrible disappointment that was black adam, you will be well aware james gunnA crusade to set up a new DCU that has the potential to give tough competition to the MCU. But in this mission, they’ve removed several beloved actors and their respective characters from the cinematic universe, a list that appears to include wonder woman Even for a while. Luckily, the filmmaker has finally brought hope back to fans of the Amazonian warrior.

A few hours back, a DC fan took to Twitter to question why a character like Diana hasn’t been properly explored yet and tagged the post #WonderWomanAnimatedSeries. Gunn was quick to respond to the tweet and wasted no time in assuring that not only does he agree with the sentiment, but he is also working on it.

For a fandom slowly losing hope of seeing a DCU adaptation of Wonder Woman, Gunn’s admission, albeit vague, has given them something to hold onto.

It remains to be seen whether Gunn’s answer means he’s actively working on an animated series or if the idea is just on his to-do list.

But what does this mean for the live-action adaptation of Wonder Woman in the DCU? Has Warner Bros. Stopped Shooting Patty Jenkins’ Screenplay? wonder woman 3 Also the end of Gal Gadot’s future as a superhero? It certainly feels like Gunn found the tweet — which didn’t tag her and clearly mentioned Wonder Woman as an animated series — in record time and responded to it. Although he seems to be doing the exact opposite recently, it is best to take his vague words and actions with a grain of salt until it is backed by an official confirmation.

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