James Gunn has finally given his verdict on ‘Shazam! fury of the gods

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Although it is likely that in the future Shazam! fury of the gods While James Gunn and Peter Safran’s franchise-wide changes may not have a lasting impact on the future of the DCU, Gunn still offered encouraging words about the upcoming sequel.

The recently appointed co-head of DC Studios told a fan on Twitter that he loved the film, specifically taking some time to tag and shout out stars Zachary Levi and Rachel Ziegler, as well as director Shazam! And its upcoming sequel, David F. Sandberg.

While Gunn’s vote of confidence is not like his bold claim to be “the best superhero they’ve ever seen” shine, it seems that at least Shazam! fury of the gods i’m worth your time suicide squad Director’s eyes. Given the impending soft reboot of the DCU with Gunn’s Gods and Monsters arc on the way, perhaps this will clear up some of the worries on fans’ minds as to whether it’s worth watching.

While Shazam’s confrontation with comic book nemesis Black Adam isn’t likely to come any time soon, Zachary Levi recently addressed some rumors that Dwayne Johnson didn’t want to cross with him. Shazam! put in first place.

Shazam! fury of the gods Other stars include Zachary Levy, Helen Mirren, Grace Carolyn Curry, Lucy Liu and Rachel Ziegler. It hits the theaters on March 17.

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