Jason Momoa’s creepy scene in Fast & Furious X needed studio approval

The director of the film was not very convinced after the scene was not liked in the first test-screening.

Although it is usually the studio executives who restrain the anger of directors in films, saga fast and furious Shows once again that it doesn’t follow the normal rules of cinema, While the director of the tenth installment, Louis Leterrier, had doubts about whether to include a very unpleasant scene, it was the director of Universal who approved it.

The scene coincides with a moment with the character Hernán Reyes, played by Jason Momoa, in which The villain has a conversation with two of his dead henchmen while painting his nails to one of the corpses. A moment that didn’t convince the public that pretty much saw the film the first time.

“We wanted to show Dante behind the door, let it be seen that he is mad and twisted. it’s not just a performance“, its director explains to The Hollywood Reporter, so we recorded the scene but we thought it would be on the DVD as an extra or a future “director’s cut”. At first we tested the film without including it, but then We started to incorporate it”.

“The reactions were very different, some viewers disliked it and others loved it. The truth is It was thanks to Donna Langley, director of Universal, that we made it into the final version. Well, when he saw it, he told us: “I love it. I love the craziness of that scene”, and with his OK we go ahead, “Letterer admitted.

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Fast & Furious X was the peace pipe for Dwayne Johnson

In addition to being the director of the tenth film in the saga, Louis Leterrier also has the honor of Being the person who got Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel to sign the peace And the first decided to return to the main saga of the Cars franchise. Or rather it was Fast & Furious X that was responsible. “We met a few months ago and we promised each other that we would work together.”

“Then I had this idea and I told it to the studio and then to Dwayne’s team. I told him: “Come see the movie, the first thing is that you like it.” So he came to see the film and he liked it., So we started talking, everything was very simple. I couldn’t imagine ending the franchise without Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot,” said Leterner, director of Fast & Furious X, already in theaters.

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