Jenna Ortega feared becoming the new Emma Watson

For many actors and actresses, success in the industry can be both a blessing and a curse. While being known for a particular role can bring recognition and success (and money, a lot of money), it can also lead to typecasting that is impossible to reverse.

An example of this phenomenon is, for example, Emma Watsonwho rose to fame after playing Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter” franchise.

Despite her talent and versatility as an actress, Watson has had trouble finding roles that separate her from her most famous persona.

Similarly, Daniel RadcliffeThe man who played Harry Potter himself has also had difficulty shedding his boy-wizard image.

Even some of the most successful actors in Hollywood have been “trapped” by character styles. Tom CruiseFor example, only plays the action hero, while Jennifer Aniston She can’t get out of being “a good girl”.

Not all have failed, some have managed to free themselves from their most famous characters. For example, Dwayne The Rock Johnson He also became a professional wrestler turned Hollywood action star and a successful comedian.

Jenna Ortega, Rebel

The novelty in this sense is with Jenna Ortega, who this Wednesday revealed that she rejected several offers to star in “Merlina” because “she wanted to make a film.”

“Merlina” (“Wednesday”) is the hit Netflix series that ranks behind “Stranger Things 4” as the most-watched English-language series on that platform in its history.

In an interview with The Times UK, Ortega stated that he did not want the role of Wednesday Adams. “I got too many emails and let them go”, Ortega’s recount as published by Variety.

“I had done a lot of television. I’ve always wanted to film on film. I wanted to prove myself. I was afraid that signing up for another TV show would prevent me from doing other things that I really wanted and that mattered to me, ”he said.

,The only reason for doing this was because Tim [Burton, director y productor ejecutivo de ‘Merlina’] He’s a legend, and we get along very well,” Ortega said.

Ortega never expected “Merlina” to become a global phenomenon. “I thought no one was going to see him” Said. “Which would be a nice little gem that someone would find on Netflix.”

On the “Armchair Expert” podcast, Ortega said last week that he objected to much of Merlina’s dialogue and that he changed his lines on set without telling the show’s writers.

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