Jenna Ortega will be dating protagonist Merlina, NBA star halftime

Jenna Ortega is one of the most recognizable actresses in the world todayBecause after the success of ‘Merlina’ (Wednesday, in English), the series produced by Netflix, it gained popularity and all its followers know what it does

And recently a news was released which instantly became a trend He captured the American actress during a romantic date with a famous NBA basketball player,

With which player did you see Jenna Ortega?

A famous celebrity portal in the United States published some images The ‘Merlina’ star dates Phoenix Suns player Devin Bookerwhich divided opinion.

and he is The 26-year-old escort has already dated several ladies associated with the showHence many of his fans have not accepted the fact that Ortega is dating an NBA player.

Is Kendall Jenner Dating Devin Booker?

One of the main problems with Jenna Ortega being caught having dinner with Devin Booker in the past is that Suns basketball player was supposed to be in a relationship with model Kendall JennerWith whom he has been seen in public several times, as he went to support his parties several times.

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