Jennifer Lopez: The filter fails and her true face is revealed

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When it comes to perfect skin, Jennifer Lopez Always appears in the list. Years don’t go by without thanks to the care she takes of her physique. Her brilliant complexion responds to a four-step routine, which she’s shared with her followers on multiple occasions, and gives advice she’s listened to since she turned 20: Use sunscreen every day.

Besides, Her curvaceous figure and the youthful look of her skin is also due to the fact that she does not consume alcohol, exercises, eats a balanced diet, does not stay up late and gets enough rest, If you add to that the happiness that floods your life, especially since you Joined in his life with Ben AffleckThe artist does everything to look great.

however, In a recent post on her network promoting a product, the “Bronx diva” used the filter to reveal the natural texture of her skin.

Jennifer Lopez is very beautiful in appearance, but it can be seen that even though her face is very well taken care of, she still has expression lines, which is natural at the age of 53. ,Wait for the filter to drop to see JLo’s real skin texturewrote user @needthedeets on TikTok.

Despite this technical oversight, JLo has been shown without makeup on other occasions and although she mostly uses filters, they are usually very natural and she has never been seen to distort her face.

your skincare routine

Your skin care ritual begins before any product touches your face, Because the first step is to create an atmosphere with a scented candle and positive affirmations in which you recognize the best aspects of your life.

A special one is applied to other products such as moisturiser, lip balm and eye contour. Her own brand and once she’s prepped her skin, the businesswoman shows a step-by-step of a technique called “contouring,” where highlights and shadows are created with makeup to make facial features look much more defined. .

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