Jeremy Renner reacts to Chris Hemsworth’s endorsement of his hammering skills

Image via Marvel Studios

We love when our “buddies from work” have our backs in life, and the same holds true for superhero allies. Chris Hemsworth giving his fellow avenger Jeremy Renner A little publicity on Twitter as his latest project redistribution Preparing to park itself on Disney Plus soon.

Reiner’s had a tough time of it lately, with an accident that left him hospitalized with 30 broken bones and a plethora of physical therapy. Despite this they will be seen together on our screens redistribution, a show he shot before the accident in which the actor shares his great love of fixing things. He travels the world with his friend and business partner, Rory Millikin, as they find and refurbish decommissioned vehicles and put them to good use.

Of course it requires a lot of tools, one such tool is probably the humble hammer, and we all know who wields a hammer better than anyone. Far from feeling like he was invading his territory, Hemsworth gave his co-star and his show a little shoutout on Twitter.

Love was also returned, Reiner replied,

Rainer is thrilled to be able to serve communities in one form or another with repurposed vehicles, either as a music studio, delivery truck, even a water treatment facility. He also brought some friends along for the ride in the form of Vanessa Hudgens (Tick, Tick… ​​BOOM!), Anil Kapoor (Mission Impossible, Slumdog Millionaire), Sebastian visit (encanto), and another Avenger alum, Anthony Mackie (falcon and winter soldier,

You can watch the series when it releases on April 12 on Disney Plus.

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