Jines Coreguela fled live to avoid seeing the face of his wife, Isabel.

It was clear from the polygraph of Gines Corregüela (52 years old) that it was going to be a bomb. The former ‘Survivors 2023’ contestant has not been deterred by her solid versions and her adherence to the truth during her time on the show. Surrounded by his wife Isabelle, his girlfriend Yaiza and their daughters, TikToker experienced a moment of terror with the threat of abandonment. Very angry, Coreguela goes to the address of ‘Deluxe’ so as not to see the face of the one who is still her accomplice. The constantly dancing version of their relationship has brought Guinness more questions than ever.

Shortly after Gins started Polidux, the first bomb appeared. The former ‘Survivors’ contestant tried to get back with his wife just two days before he left for the competition. Gins feigns guilt and admits that he was not doing the right thing and asks his partner for a new chance. At that point, of course, Yaiza was already present in his life as well. “I love Jesus, I love Yaiza,” TikToker justified himself to explain his messages.

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