JK Rowling strengthens her anti-trans stance, claims threat to her safety

harry potter Author JK Rowling has reiterated her anti-trans stance, claiming she often fears for her safety because of it.

In a new episode of his podcast, JK Rowling’s witch trial, The author opened up about dealing with the intense backlash after she first made her anti-trans comments on Twitter nearly three years ago. Rowling said, “I knew perfectly well that if I talked to many people who would love my books, they would be very unhappy with me.” “Personally, it has not been fun and I have at times feared for my safety and for the safety of my family. Time will tell if I have done it wrong. I can only say that I have Have thought. Deep and hard and long. And I’ve heard the other side, I promise.”

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Despite facing such strong criticism, many authors believe that harry potter Fans are grateful that she took a stand on the subject. In early 2020, Rowling sparked a media storm when she tweeted, “People who menstruate. I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Somebody help me. Wumben? Wimpand? Woomd?” In response to an article about menstruating individuals. Rowling refers to the incident as “going off a hand grenade in Twitter”. Since then, Rowling has come under scrutiny for her negative comments about the trans community.

Nevertheless, Rowling has no regrets over her remarks and stands by her anti-trans sentiments. “I stand by every word written there, but the question is, what is the truth? And I am arguing against those who are literally saying that sex is a construct, [that] It’s not real,” she said in her defense. The British author also believes that there is a lack of healthy debate about gender-identity issues and this needs to be challenged. “My position is that it The worker’s movement, in the form it is currently taken, echoes the very thing I was warning against harry potter,” He added.

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Rowling has also been labeled a TERF (Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminist) since her tweet in 2020, which has drawn criticism from many in the industry, including the cast of Harry Potter. However, others such as Brian Cox have spoken out in her defence, claiming that Rowling is not being treated fairly. Cox said, “I think she’s entitled to have her opinion; she’s entitled to say what she feels. As a woman, she’s entitled to say what she feels about her body.” are, and there’s no one better to say it as a woman.” ,

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