Joe Pesci’s Daughter: Everything to Know About His Only Child Tiffany 

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Did you know that Joe Pesci, a renowned actor most recognized for his part in the cherished holiday film “Home Alone,” also has a daughter? Here is all there is to know about the celebrity’s lone child.

Actor Joe Pesci is well-known for playing the title character in the Home Alone film series.

He just has one kid.

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The celebrity had a prior union with Claudia Haro. He isn’t dating right now.
Joe talked to PEOPLE in November 2022 about his experience working on the set of Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Joe Pesci, 79, who played Home Alone, had a long and successful acting career. It is hardly surprising that Joe has a strong filmography, having appeared in films like Goodfellas, Casino, My Cousin Vinny, and more. However, he frequently spends time with his family when he is not working on a movie set. Details on Tiffany Pesci, his sole child, are given below.

Joe Pesci & his daughter. (SplashNews)

How many children does Joe Pesci have?

The joyful father of just one child is a native of New Jersey. During their four-year marriage to Claudia Haro, his ex-wife, they had their first child. Despite having been married for a short while, the two tragically split up in 1992. Naturally, Joe had a demanding acting schedule, which included playing Harry Lime in the Home Alone series.

The actor recently discussed working on the film with PEOPLE on Nov. 29, 2022, in which Macaulay Culkin, 42, also starred. He told the publication, “I recall Macaulay as being a really sweet boy and, even at his age, quite professional.” In order to maintain the tension between his character, Kevin, and my character, Harry, I purposefully limited my encounters with him.

Who Is Tiffany Pesci?

According to Buzz Nigeria, Joe’s daughter Tiffany was reportedly born in 1992. The publication claims that the renowned actor and his ex-wife divorced in the same year that their daughter was born. They also claimed Tiffany was a model, however as of the time of this writing, she had no online profile. Joe has given numerous interviews over his career, but it doesn’t seem like he has ever discussed fatherhood in a public setting.

Mom of Tiffany, Claudia

As previously mentioned, the Oscar winner was married to Claudia from 1988 until their divorce in 1992. Notably, he had only one marriage, to the brunette actress and model. Alongside one another, they acted in the films Gone Fishin’ and With Honors. From 1998 to 2000, Claudia was wed to former stuntman Garrett Warren.

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