Johnny Depp taking movie comeback seriously, less partying, more health and rest


Johnny Depp

taking movie comebacks seriously

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Johnny Depp knows that this is an important moment in her career, and a real chance to regain her A-list Hollywood status… so, that’s exactly why she’s trying to recover her mind by focusing on the important things. doing.

Sources close to the actor tell us that his recent stop at the Cannes Film Festival — where he premiered his film “Jeanne du Barry” — was different from years ago. We are told that in the olden days Johnny used to attend every after party and stay up late.

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our sources later say tuesday premiereHe decided to go back to his room to make sure he got enough rest and to prepare for another day of media interviews.

We’re told Johnny has experienced “an evolution in terms of prioritizing health and comfort,” as well as really taking things up with his work.

After Cannes, Depp went to London to do Jeff Beckwith a tribute show of Eric Clapton And lots of other great guitars — and then he’s hitting the road with his band, Hollywood Vampires.

From there, he will jump straight into directorial assignments on “Modi”, starring al Pacino,

Depp has definitely been welcomed by his fans and even corporations – remember that new $20 million deal With Dior – so it’s no surprise that he wants to strike while the iron is hot and capitalize on all the positive attention.

related to Amber Heardshe made it to spain where she lives a lot more quiet life with her child.

The good news for him is… 18 months ago, everyone put an end to Johnny’s career — so, maybe a comeback could be in his future.

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