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The return of Enrique Bunbury to the fore is proving to be very powerful. To announce the May release of a new album and edition of the collection of poems ‘Microdosis’ on March 15, ‘Invulnerables’ joins the video clip for the song, which marks a new phase Artistic for the singer of Zaragoza.

He has enlisted the help of two very close people to ‘single out’ the pictures: His partner, Jose Girl, and filmmaker and screenwriter Sergio Abuja, With whom he had already worked on the ‘Desires to Use and Throw Away’ video. Both have been in charge of directing this new audiovisual work.

in pictures banbury is with a band Composed of Aden Jodorowsky on bass, Raul Chichin on guitar, Victor Mechanic on keyboards and Guilo Morales Vitola from the group Astra on drums.

Jose Girl has revealed many of the inspirations and ideas behind the video clip on her Instagram account. “Enrique and I realized that he asked to come up with a band video. It’s a very energetic song and I asked to transfer that energy to the live for images,” he says.

The Zaragoza-born photographer delves into the context and influences that have guided him: “We wanted to combine that idea with the concept of ‘impenetrable’, lyrics that describe an ‘outsider’ couple, breaking traditional norms. Outside, with an idolatry and love for art, isolated in his own capsule. We thought of couples like Lux and Zahar from The Cramps, Or Sailor and Lula from Wild at Heart”.

the cast

A couple, played by Seven Rook and Sylvie Lake for the filming. “Filming Seven and Sylvie dancing, who are such a couple in real life, felt like a simple and authentic way to reflect that sentiment,” he says.

Zaragoza’s artist ends by listing the participants: “For the filming of the video, the musicians traveled from Paris Who recorded the album with Enrique: Raul Chichin and Victor Mechanic, guitars and keyboards, and Aden Jodorowsky from Mexico, producer and bassist of the album. Guillo Morales Vitola, from the band Astra, joined on drums. We also had the pleasure of having Edu Grau as director of photography and Oscar Romagosa in executive production.”

Bunbury fans are enjoying this new song and are already looking forward to the next advance single from the highly anticipated new album.

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