Jose Narvaez reveals how his recovery is going and leaves everything in God’s hands

José Narváez is one of the most remembered presenters of the famous program ‘Guerreros’, of which he was a part for many years in the company of his partner, Cristiana Hurtado, with whom he has had a relationship of more than decades.

For several days, Jose has been worrying his fans due to his health condition, as he revealed that he had injured his knee, due to which he had to spend a few nights in the hospital to receive the necessary treatment.

A few days later and as usual he was seen performing his show in “Hombres a la Plancha”, but hours later he was again seen receiving medical attention as apparently it was a long process to complete his recovery. Will be However, this was not a hindrance to being the laughing stock of it all.

The presenter smiled, asking his doctor to greet his fans, as he was the one who was with him at the time, counting what would be the strain on his left knee: “Let’s go on, we’ll be back, we will”. I’ll be back,” said the singer.

And it is that despite the moment Narváez is going through, he took the opportunity to listen to the music, because it would take a long time, because in this second his left leg was on a machine that would help him in pain: “Music and happiness follows me”.

In conclusion, José assures that he is fine and looks forward to each of his shows to be 100% recovered. Well, when he received medical attention, his partner Cristina Hurtado was in the beauty salon with her son Mateo, noting that they missed him and noting that every day he looked more like the presenter.

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