Josie’s strong take on Rosalia’s look with Billboard’s “Under Tatto” transparency

“We’re going with a trend that’s been in fashion for so long that celebrities are already giving it a spin,” he announced. Valeria Ross for their collection Zap, which clarifies that it is about “transparency”. it’s a matter of rosaliawho came to receive the Producer of the Year award Billboard Women in Music Awards In a totally transparent black dress which she paired with a turtleneck sweater.

Although if it stood out for anything, it was for its courageous transparency, for Valeria Ross called “less breast“. “I love it,” he blurted out. josie upon seeing her, and recognizes that it is a “very well swung style”, although what he likes most about her look is the “neckline” which he is convinced she “will never regret”. Won’t”: “You did it very well”, he muttered.

Also in the main video of this news josie He also gives his opinion about another singer, dua lipa, who wore a totally see-through black jumpsuit at Milan Fashion Week. Which of the two shows better transparency?

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