Jota Peleteiro lashes out at Jessica Bueno after seeing her with a man

Jota Peleteiro explodes against Jessica Bueno

jota peleteiro yes exploited against jessica bueno, Months ago he gave an exclusive interview to ‘Parv’ in which he gave his version of the break up with the former model and seemed to want harmony between them. So far… what happened?

Jota Peleteiro’s message in the

Jota Pelateiro’s strong attack on Jessica Bueno

He has caught Jessica Bueno having dinner with a boy and the footballer copied this picture and published some hard words Against the mother of his children: “How was the sentence? Time puts everything in its place, Jessica Well… Well yes, the truth is yes’.

But, far from launching the Hint, Jota continues with its the strokes: “How is Divildo’s eye, it does not fail, (we do not know what he is referring to and we write it with V as he himself wrote it), although now I have to keep two sedan,

Giovanna González makes an explanation in this regard: “At that time, it was said that Jota Inappropriate Jessica and so, the relationship was over. Given this, Jota means that Jessica and this guy still have a relationship from before and that neither good is good nor bad is so bad.

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