Juan Rivera Gives More Details About Jenni Rivera’s Tragic Accident on LCDLF: “There Were No Bodies”

  • Jenny died in a plane crash on December 9, 2012, in the Sierra de Iturbide in northern Mexico.

  • The unit collapsed at the height of the Tejocotes ejido after reaching 27,000 meters above sea level.

  • In addition to the pilot and co-pilot, Jenni Rivera was accompanied by four companions, with no survivors.

Juan Rivera becomes the protagonist of ‘La Casa de los Famousos 3’ as the member of the controversial dynasty bares his heart time and time again. The main subject is Jenni Rivera.

Recently, he made a strong confession about his sister’s death, describing it as “unforgettable”.

This time, in response to Osmel’s concern, his response was not only an emotional moment, but also new details from the crash site. Osmel asked Juan if there were bodies at the scene of the plane crash that ended the life of Jenni Rivera on December 9, 2012.

Immediately, Diva de la Banda’s younger brother replied that since the accident was too “strong”, there were no bodies, but rather human remains that had to be analyzed with DNA to identify them.

“Yeah, but the crash was very loud, so…”, began the artist, while Osmel assured them that they were remains, to which he continued by saying “them… with the DNA”, the celebrity commented with difficulty speaking through how sensitive the subject is to you.

He also assured that it was very difficult, revealing that a few days after the tragedy, he himself visited the site and that things could still be seen.

“I got to the crash site two days later, and they were still seeing each other. Now…”, said Juan without giving more details about what happened.

Users on social networks commented that the reality show seems like “la casa de Juan”, because there is not a day when he is not the protagonist of a new story, but some others expressed their regret for what happened.

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