Junior Bolivar dedicates his show in La Descarga to all those who told him he couldn’t make it

At the end of his performance at the disco, Junior Bolivar needed to tell those who didn’t believe in him or his career that yes he can reach such an important stage Like this music competition, which gives him a lot of security and assures him about his talent.

In turn, he reveals that thanks to this program he was able to realize that what he likes is more important than the interests of others, because this interpretation is like a way take a look at his entire career and the obstacles he has overcome.
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He also states that he feels very grateful to both life and God. be on the point of competitionBecause only he knows how hard and struggling it has been.

Maya is the master who understands everything Junior Bolivar interprets what is happening, as he notes when he was reflective at one point in the musical theme, but at the same time emphasizes how he regains strength and unleashes his talents. Is.

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