‘Jurassic Park’ actor Sam Neill has been diagnosed with leukemia

Actor Sam Neill, best known for his role as Dr. Alan Grant, confirmed on his social networks the battle you face From March 2022. The artist revealed in his memoirs that he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the blood, and would have to receive lifelong treatment. It all started right in 2022 when he was on the promotional tour for the movie ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’.

The 75-year-old actor opened up about how the fight is going and his daily status during the promotions of his memoir titled ‘Have I Ever Told You This? In this literary work, the New Zealander wanted to review his personal and professional life, uncovering unknown aspects such as his reaction to being diagnosed with the disease.

,The point is, I’m done. probably dying”, this is a confession that can be found in Neal’s memoirs. Furthermore, the interpreter wrote that he had to put aside his daily life after hearing the news. ”I like to work. I love being with people every day and enjoying the company and friendship. And suddenly I was deprived of it. And I thought: ‘What am I going to do?”.

Despite all this, he also wanted to clarify what it meant to write this book. a strong reason to fight and move on, especially because you don’t have to fill your mind with negative thoughts. “I never intended to write a book. But as I kept writing, I realized that he was actually giving me a reason to live and I went to bed thinking, ‘Tomorrow I’ll write about this… who will entertain me”’, he tells. Although at first he thought his life was numbered, the actor who played Merlin left his family and followers calm that he would not die but fight for the rest of his life.

Furthermore, on his Instagram profile, he wanted to reassure everyone by confirming that he is very happy to be back at work. The shooting of ‘Apples Never Fall’ with actress Annette Bening will begin on March 25.

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