Karishma Tanna’s father hasn’t seen her even a month after she was born: ‘He wanted a son and there was family pressure’

Karishma Tanna shared how she decided to fight sexism at home after her grandparents gave her and her sister ‘second-hand treatment’.

karishma tanna dadKarishma Tanna revealed that her parents wanted a son when she was born. (Photo: Karishma Tanna/Instagram)

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Actor Karishma Tanna recently poured her heart out in an interview where she shared how her parents, especially her father, were not happy with her birth as they wanted a son. Karisma, in an emotional chat, revealed how her grandparents’ different behavior towards her and her sister made her stronger and she decided to fight this ‘sexism’ at home.

The Sanju actor said that his parents did not see his face after his birth. Later, when his mother told him about this, he was heartbroken.

Karishma Tanna told Siddharth Kannan in her recent interview, “My mother told me, when I was quite old, that actually when I was born, my father was not happy. They wanted a son and there was family pressure, as in typical Gujarati families. They thought that a son can carry forward their lineage, earn more and they are superior. My mother had two daughters. My grandfather and grandmother used to give us second hand treats. ,

,When I was lying down, my mother didn’t see my face for a week. My father did not come to see me in the hospital for a month because there was another girl too. (When I was born, my mother did not see my face for a week. My father did not see me for a month because his second child was also a daughter). My heart broke when my mom told me. It’s not that my father didn’t love me. It was because his second child was also a girl and there was family pressure, so he did not come to meet me. But, it also broke them from inside,” said Tanna. She clarified that her father did not come to see her as he could not tolerate the ‘second hand treatment’ his daughter was receiving.

Tanna said that all these things made her strong and she decided that she would show them what a girl can do.

The actress, who started her career with the popular TV show Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, also shared that it was difficult for her to enter the world of entertainment and to convince her family. She revealed that her extended family would ‘watch’ her and say, ‘Would you enter an industry to make money?’ But her mother supported her and borrowed Rs 10,000 from her aunt to get a portfolio made for her daughter.

Even after being cast in Kyunki Saad Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, her father did not speak to her for three-four months. But when she became a household name with the role of Indu, she expressed her happiness saying,you are my son (you are my son).”

Karishma Tanna will be next seen in Hansal Mehta’s upcoming Netflix series Scoop, where she plays a crime journalist. The series is inspired by Jigna Vora’s biographical book Behind the Bars in Byculla: My Days in Prison. The series starts streaming on Netflix from June 2.

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First published: 21-05-2023 at 19:40 IST

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