Karol G surprises with a completely transparent dress and next to Emily Ratajkowski without fear of censorship

In the universe of music in Spanish, one of the most successful women in recent years is Colombian Mr. Carol, The one who recently sent the art world paralyzing after premiering a collaboration with an artist who has established herself at the top of the industry on a historic level is her compatriot Shakira. Both were surprised after launching the song “TQG” In which they affirm their talents and emancipation as a reference to empowerment through the sound industry.

But Carroll G. Not only does she conquer as a singer, but she is also a successful musician, which is why she is considered one of the most complete Latin artists, and it is also due to the fact that many of her songs are very personal. affect infections. power, while at the same time it’s impossible to ignore when the body asks of you make them dance, Thus it is easy to understand the success surrounding this singer who continues to give something to talk about, especially after the creator of the word on February 24 “small” Released a new record work “Tomorrow Be Beautiful”, an album containing a total of 17 songs.

new music material from Carolina Giraldo Navarro It has been an absolute success, however, as the artist has shown that she is no conformist, therefore, regardless of the uproar surrounding her album or her new single. shakiraKarol ji has shown that he is unstoppable, so now he shows his power, talent and presence in the modeling world.

Karol G conquers the catwalk world

Paralyzed after making his grand debut in “Bichhota” this Friday paris fashion week As a front row guest at the Loewe Fashion Show, one of the most anticipated events of the year in the fashion world. for the occasion, Carroll G. She decided to look iconic herself (as is customary), so she chose to wear a bold, completely transparent dress, this one a tight-fitting design in gray with blue details that marked her figure. Did.

Karol ji hit on Emily Ratajkowski. Photo: Screenshot

The pretty dress highlighted her beauty and iconic red hair, but that didn’t stop all the attention, as during the event, the “Provence” singer was spotted next to the successful model Emily Ratajkowski, In addition to the fact that he was seen sitting very close to other industry celebrities like Nina Garcia, editor-in-chief of ELLE US, with whom Karol G makes it clear that his success is not limited to music, but also glitter Has been In the catwalk world.


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