Karol G’s best friend Dickie Gamboa explains why he almost never takes pictures with her

Karol G is one of the women in the Colombian music scene who has made an international impact. The singer’s popularity is due to her recent successes which have become world music ‘hits’. now it was ok His best friend, Dickie Gamboa, who revealed why he doesn’t appear on the network as much with the singer.

Daiki Gamboa, social media influencer, video producer, and a Gambling is called Rifaiki, has been active on social networks to answer questions that come to him from his followers. in someone’s box She got the idea to ask her best friend, internationally known as ‘La Bichota’, about her absence on social networks.

“Why don’t you upload more and more pictures with Karol ji?” asks the person, to which the influencer responds honestly and admits that he or she really This is due to the closeness of their relationship and the way they have built their friendship.

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The Instagrammer replied that there are actually several reasons and the first is that he doesn’t want to be another fan of the singer, that they ask him for pictures all the time. “First to Caroline Everyone asks her for pictures all the time, I’m her best friend, I want to be free of that placeI wish and I have achieved it, that our friendship is based on love and happiness and not on pictures”, he replied to the question.

In addition, Daik, a YouTuber, also says that he doesn’t want his fans or the world in general to think that he is “hung over” by Karol G’s fame, so he decides to stay out of it. ,I am an artist building my own career and I don’t want stupid people to say I am taking advantage of their fame.”, said the producer, who also says that the pictures he publishes were taken by someone else or by Karol ji himself.

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