Kate Middleton and Prince William: it was the date that tested their rivalry

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Kate Middleton and Prince William they showed that they are alien to all Rumors of an impending divorce and alleged infidelity Appearing together in the Six Nations rugby tournament, there is a great sporting rivalry that affects the royal couple and the two sister teams.

The tournament is a show the couple always attend, but this time, they did it for the first time with the title that was given to them when Queen Elizabeth II passed away last September.

And it is that Prince William has been a sponsor of the Rugby Union of Wales since 2016, while Princess Kate supports the Rugby Football League and England as a sponsor of the Rugby Football Union. The Welsh and the English faced off in a controversial match, where the heir to the throne supported the former while his wife supported the English team.

JayThe couple were seen singing the Welsh anthem and the country’s native language, just before starting the lively duelIn unison with the thousands of other fans gathered at Riyasat Stadium.

the welsh had a great time

After the match, the prince met retired or injured veteran rugby players. In this meeting, William and Kate had the most pleasant and relaxed time, as they were seen to enjoy the moment, they laughed out loud during their conversation, even, The “Royals” inaugurated a dedicated room for former athletes, who will be able to enjoy it with their families.

As expected, the Princess of Wales did not want to break with tradition in supporting the English team, of which she has been patron since replacing Prince Harry in 2022. Her look once again played a leading role, as she already did in the last game where she was her standout spectator last November.

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