Kate Middleton confronts Prince William’s mistress Rose Hanbury

The British royal family is in the midst of a strong controversy. This time the focus is on the wife’s fight Prince William, Kate Middletonand her alleged lover, Rose Hanbury, who was also Kate’s best friend before the affair was revealed. According to some British media, the relationship between Kate Middleton and Rose has deteriorated to the point that there is no longer any communication.

The alleged fight may have taken place at a private dinner to which both were invited and may have been caused by rumors about an affair between Hanbury and her. Prince William,

According to some media, Kate Middleton He would talk to Rose about the rumors and explain his stand on the issue to her. It is not known what exactly they talked about over dinner, it has been confirmed that the relationship between the two has deteriorated to such an extent that it has become impossible to fix.

This situation has caused a great stir in the environment of the royal family, mainly because of the relations between the royal family Prince William And Rose HanburyAnd although the couple has tried to deny any sort of affair, the media continues to speculate about the alleged infidelity, which is to be expected for a reason that very clear evidence has come to light about the fact. It is expected that tests will intensify in the coming weeks as new details emerge.

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