Kate Middleton gets revenge on Prince William with handsome rugby player

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this weekend Kate Middleton got revenge on Prince William with a handsome rugby player After rumors of infidelity. The Princess of Wales was captured looking very relaxed and smiling in the English team dressing room after the game.

It was in 2019 when the rumor first surfaced Prince William was cheating on Kate Middleton with his friend and model Rose Hanbury, A few days ago, this controversy rekindled the couple and even half of the British assured that the Prince of Wales went home to be able to meet his lover.

Kate Middleton exacts revenge for cheating on Prince William

Although Kate Middleton is not planning to divorce Prince William, yes he got his revenge, The moment came when the two attended a rugby match on 25 February, where They showed their rivalry as they both supported different teams.

Once the match is over, Kate Middleton walked into the dressing room of the winning team she was betting on, and she looked very comfortable and smiling next to a player. is about Maro Eto’o, an English player of Nigerian descentThe 28-year-old, who works as a wing at Saracens Club.

The images were shared via Twitter with a rose emoticon and in them the Princess of Wales can be seen smiling as she sits next to the rugby player. Definitely, These pictures were going to hurt Prince William’s ego, who has allegedly neglected his relationship with the mother of his children.

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