Kate Middleton had a nasty fight with Prince William’s boyfriend

princess of wales Kate Middleton wife of Prince William and had a strong and dreadful discussion with the future queen consort Rose Hanbury, The alleged lover of her husband and with whom the future king has been reunited in dating rumors since the beginning of the year 2023 with the former model and English aristocrat. What happened in Kate’s heated argument with her biggest rival?

Dating rumors between William and Rose have swirled for years 2019, When both were seen compromising in a private party.

As expected, the photos generated a huge scandal, they went around the world and caused a huge problem for the image of the now-eldest son King Carlos III.

The controversy was so great that Rose Hanbury was ordered to withdraw completely. British Royal Family.

But that was not all, as according to several reports Media, The English nobleman had a heated argument with Kate Middleton.

According to British newspaper Sun, In 2019, Kate and Rose “had a fierce fight. The reason for this discussion is the pictures of Rhys and the Prince that were published princess of the vale She was very upset and confused, so she didn’t hesitate to confront one of her best friends.

rose and both cat They used to be very close, even before the scandal they managed to take several pictures together. But since the whole scandal was busted, they were never seen together again nor was Rose seen attending any events royalties in which I used to participate.

And you, what do you think about the fight between Kate Middleton and lover of Prince William,

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