‘Killer of the Flower Moon’: Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio applauded with 9 minutes of applause at Cannes 2023

The wait is over and the first reactions to ‘Killer of the Flower Moon’ are in since Cannes 2023, but they all agree. With a 9-minute ovation, Martin Scorsese is celebrated for his incredible film and contribution to the Seventh Art

finally arrived assassins of the flower moon Of Martin Scorsese In the halls of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival and critics agree once again: The iconic filmmaker has once again achieved a commendable film, Accompanied by such loyal collaborators as Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, the Italian-American director presents a formidable film that drew thunderous applause after he finished the screening of his most recent feature film.

Sharing the history of the Osage, a Native American community in the US state of Oklahoma, Scorsese with Tim Roth (forest gump, Dunecustomized best seller in which by david gran deals with a series of mysterious murders that perpetuate what is known as a “reign of terror” within the city, With strong performances from its cast, it was expected that both De Niro and DiCaprio would excel in this project, but what doesn’t go unnoticed is Lily Gladstone’s stellar performance as Molly Burkhart.

The anticipation surrounding the film was so high that months had passed since the first look at the characters was presented, and with only a single image of Ernest Burkhardt (DiCaprio) and Mollie (Gladstone), Scorsese prepared what appeared to be a The world had gone mad with him. Your viewers and all lovers of the seventh art. Prior to its screening at the Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière, its director and cast assassins of the flower moon Paraded on the iconic Red Steps of Canneswhere Salma Hayek, Alfonso Cuarón and Cate Blanchett also appeared.

Thousands of celebrities, film goers and film industry stars gathered inside the theater to watch the director’s new work. After 3 hours 26 minutes, which is the length of the movie, everyone in the room applauds Martin Scorsese, Because it was unanimous: The teacher did it again! nine The thunderous applause was not enough to recognize that the author managed to bring to the big screen one of the most important and devastating issues for his country.

While the director and Roth’s impeccably adapted script stands on its own, as do the performances of their entire cast, rodrigo preto This is one of the most exciting factors of the film, as the Mexican was again chosen by Scorsese to be in charge of the cinematography of his new work.After his excellent collaboration with Netflix film Irish, After great and unforgettable contribution to cinema as Taxi driver And good boysThe filmmaker’s return to Cannes was a total triumph.

what does scorsese achieve assassins of the flower moon Is An epic western that examines the white man’s conquest of America’s Native communities and the exploitation of a region under envy, hatred, power and human greed, Perhaps the most impressive and interesting thing about the project is that its author is always aware of his position within the project and ironically addresses it at the end of the film. We can’t wait for this tape to hit Mexican theaters! Remember you can find all of Cannes 2023 coverage on SensaCine Latam.

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