King Charles’ Coronation Reportedly Whiffing Over Big UK Music Acts

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Coronation in trouble???

Whisper Allegedly 🎵 Acts

king charles If Buckingham Palace can’t find big-name talent, they may have to sit on the mic and sing a tune at their coronation… which they’re reportedly struggling to do.

According to several British media outlets who say they are aware of this, Charles and co. There have been whispers on some key players who could potentially be booked for the May ceremony… where KC will be officially crowned in all her glory as the new sovereign.

Sun Reports say 3 big stars have explicitly told the royals as of late, that they are unable to attend and/or perform… including Spice Girls, Harry Styles And sir elton john (who is a knight, no less). The reason for exiting earlier … conflicting schedules.

In Elton’s case, he’s on his farewell tour atm… and in early May (when the coronation goes down) he’s actually scheduled to do a slate of shows in Germany before and after the ceremony. Per Surya, it is not possible to move through that small window.

As for Harry — who’s also touring, and never really stops — he technically has the availability to potentially squeeze in a BP gig in early May … for that , and they need “downtime”.

And, when it comes to the Spice Girls… obviously, it’s just too many schedules for a lot of the ladies. That’s all Sun has to say about it — so, they’re not performing either.

Of course, there is also Ed Sheeran And adele … whom the Palace reportedly approached, only to be turned down. dm Both reports told King that they could not do so – Adele citing touring conflicts, and Adele apparently not offering (or having) a specific reason.

So, who’s actually going to have the gig? On this point, the British media seem to agree Lionel Richietake that (void Robbie Williams, Olly Murs And a handful of other not-so-famous musical acts are queuing up to step up and carry the torch for HRH.

Lionel cool and all, but man… talks about swings and remembering people’s faves.

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