“La Cholondrina” Has Conquered Instagram With These Photos That Show Her Empathy

within the world of social networks, the new Stars And without a doubt, in the last year, it is noteworthy that a soundidero has created a furor that has already given rise to several Internet characters and that is Pirate Sound, in charge of a musical project Julian RamirezWho is considered the mastermind who promoted the dancer José Eduardo, better known as Medio Metro, who is now also considered to have participated in television projects such as “La Rosa de Guadalupe”.

However, controversy broke out after the recent success of Medio Metro and she left the project to pursue her solo career and despite the fact that the loss was hard, the truth is that Sonido Pirata is still one of the best dancers in the world. going along, characterized as the young man who is “The Boy From Eight” He has also gained fame on social networks, a clear example of this Claudia Alejandra Salazar, Better known as “La Cholondrina”.

“La Cholondrina” Wins on Instagram

It is noteworthy that in the limit before the game half a meter For this project, the young man who dresses as the character of Chespirito and the young dancer who is portrayed as Don Ramon’s daughter were thought to be the perfect pairing, but now they work independently, However, they are still good friends and will be seen together in one last project, Let It Be.

Cholondrina has shared her selfie on Instagram. Photo: Exclusive

Before Jose Eduardo left, both he and Cholondrina, pirate sound And El Bocho launched to formalize his video clip with the melody “2Da Arpas De Puebla” by singer Israel Cortes, better known as “ICC”, since then the dancing and acting of the young viral Gave something to talk about.

Claudia Alejandra, portrayed as a girl with freckles and glasses, has established herself as a star TIC Toc thanks for his performance in the dance sounders Mainly in Mexico City, although it now travels throughout the country, as it has fans in all the institutions of the Republic and precisely this is reflected through social networks, especially through Instagram, where “La Chilindrina Shares various pictures where she shows that apart from being a great dancer, she also has a beautiful empathy that makes her shine.

The Queen of Sonidero is now an influencer on the network. screenshot


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