‘La Gorda Fabiola’ shows off the results of her surgery

colombian comedian, Fabiola Posada, better known as ‘La Gorda Fabiola’shared on social networks the results of her recent facial surgery, which completely transformed her.

Despite the fact that the comedian has shared his recovery process over the weeks, After 26 days you can see the obvious change in her face and double chin.

the process the woman had to go through is a ‘lift’, ‘face peeling’, Including rejuvenating your face, improving neck and face imperfections.

‘La Gorda Fabiola’ shows off the results of her surgery

In a post shared by ‘La Gorda Fabiola’, shown before and after surgeryThere you can see a neck and a face that shows his old age, while in another it looks like 20 years have been removed from him.

“Day 26: I’m still waiting for my cheekbones and even double chin to deflate, but I accept what happens and every day I look in the mirror, I see myself am and feel #digvina”, Wrote the humorist in the post.

The post has generated dozens of reactions from Internet users who celebrated the artist’s transformation and reminded her that she looks great both before and now.

“It was beautiful”, “My God, it really took 20 years”, “You were so beautiful before I even thought you were beautiful”, “You were almost twenty… so beautiful” , some comments were left by Internet users.

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