Lara Dibildos reveals the health condition of hospitalized Laura Valenzuela

Laura Valenzuela and her daughter, Lara Dibildos

In 2012, after receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Television Academy, Laura Valenzuela He decided to give up his public life, retire and start a new phase enjoying the privacy of his home and his family. “I’ve already decided that I want to go to bed early, I want to rest. What I think about is food, breakfast, dinner with family and close friends and that’s it. For Spanish in September 2022 an interview. c

Laura Valenzuelacord press

It was only a few weeks ago that all the alarms about the state of his health went off. The actress left her home to enter San Rafael Hospital after she was diagnosed with fever and infection. And since then there have been many occasions when his fragile health has been discussed. so much that Laura Valenzuela is currently admitted to La Princesa Hospital in MadridAs confirmed by his daughter in a conversation with Díaz Minutos.

Minutes after the media published the sad news, Laura Valenzuela’s daughter reported that she had been admitted to the ICU last week and is now hospitalized on the floor. “My mother is sick,” announces Lara, who also assures that “the whole family is with her.”

Health status of Laura Valenzuela at the age of 92

Last January, he said that his mother lives with him and his children. “He doesn’t go anywhere because he doesn’t feel like it”, They said. He also recalled the most successful stage of the actress: “It was impossible to go down the street with her. We left the house and it took me three hours to return, she stopped with everyone, she didn’t refuse anyone.”

However, since she stepped away from the limelight, Laura Valenzuela has suffered several setbacks in the state of her health. In 2021 he had hypoglycemia. “It’s been a scare, but that’s it. They took it back right away and it’s perfect now. He’s with the ambulance banging, but he’s doing great. Thanking,” his daughter said at the time. , who has been his spokesperson in recent months. Last year he also denied that he had been admitted to a residence, that nothing happens to him, but I tell you in advance that this is not true,” said Lara Dibildos. As she said, the actress is staying with her daughter and her grandson and has just been shifted to the ICU at the plant after a few days.

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