Latest fantasy news: A ‘Lord of the Rings’ do-over could give long-neglected characters a fresh start

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Lord of the Rings is at the forefront of Imagination News, thanks to news of Middle-earth finally returning via a remake of the popular film series.

Warner Bros. is under a harsh microscope as fans speculate about whether or not they’re interested in getting a remake. The original trilogy is still hugely popular, but a new take on the story could give some of the neglected JRR Tolkien characters a chance to shine. Several fan-favorite characters have yet to see a live-action adaptation, and Tolkien diehards can’t help but be intrigued by the opportunities a reboot would present.

It’s not just the fans who are excited. A staple of the original trilogy recently reacted to the idea of ​​a return to Middle-earth with apparent enthusiasm, fueling WB’s interest in a reboot even more.

With her current popularity among audiences, the new project may also feature Jenna Ortega. she’s definitely not engaged to anyone Lord of the Rings Satisfied for the time being, but she’s clearly spreading her wings as an actress. Ortega was reportedly happy to make the change. Wednesday script when it felt certain lines or plot points didn’t suit her character, and we have a feeling any new project could use the exact same defensive logic.

abundance Lord of the Rings characters didn’t make the original cut

The Blue Wizards Lord of the Rings LOTR

long time fan of Lord of the Rings The books are well known for how many changes Peter Jackson made to the source material. His films are still lauded as stellar adaptations, but Jackson made the once-controversial decision to leave out characters such as Tom Bombadil and Túrin Turambar in the early 2000s. A new take on JRR Tolkien’s timeless tale could give these characters a new chance in the spotlight, and fans will be delighted to see a select few characters make the cut.

glad to change jaina ortega Wednesday script

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in Netflix's 'Wednesday'
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She’s Absolutely Guaranteed to Keep Her Role at Netflix Wednesday, so Jenna Ortega is happy to share little details from her time on set. The 20-year-old actress recently revealed that she was “unprofessional” on the sets of the popular series, and made constant changes to the script. Several lines and scenarios in the original version reportedly made “no sense” for Wednesday’s character, and Ortega put his foot down on several occasions, demanding minor changes to his characterization.

Andy Serkis will be involved in any Lord of the Rings reboot in a heartbeat

Gollum the Lord of the Rings
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Andy Serkis, who played Gollum Lord of the Rings Movies, is reportedly on-board with the idea of ​​a remake. The talented actor said he would “jump at the chance” to return to the wonderful world he helped define, adding that “Middle-earth has never left me.”

Should he return, Serkis could take on multiple characters, including Gollum, if the project was right. set anything later Lord of the Rings The now-dead character obviously can’t be included, but Serkis could easily bring an earlier iteration of the character – or an entirely different Tolkien brainchild – to life in The WB’s release.

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