Latest Marvel news: ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ may face disastrous delay, but at least the MCU crossovers keep piling up

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your honor, the Miracle Fandom requests a recess to come to a unanimous decision on where it stands for the promotion Daredevil: Born Again, On one hand, the fact that it’s finally going in front of cameras is extremely exciting, as is the happy news that Jon Bernthal is returning as the Punisher. And yet we also know that the fan-favorite couple won’t be returning, and news of a major delay is only fueling fears that the revival is already being derailed. least, bottle gourd Season two has instead caught a lucky break…

Daredevil: Born Again It’s only been a few days into the shoot, but it may already be heavily delayed

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It’s Marvel’s worst-kept secret right now that its upcoming Disney Plus slate is initially set to come out very slowly. Although it is yet to be confirmed, the latest rumor points to the release schedule Rebirth Being one of the many to be affected by the changes, Intel suggested it be pushed out of its original Spring 2024 slot by at least a few months. It’s doing nothing to lift the morale of those already stung by the Elden Henson/Deborah Ann Woll news.

Jon Bernthal’s Punisher return could be the start of a full-on Defenders reunion

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However, getting back on the positive side of things, it’s looking likely that Bernthal’s Frank Castle won’t be the only Defenders Saga veteran that will be involved. Rebirth, New rumors are only adding to the already raging flames that Krysten Ritter will be reprising Jessica Jones as well. Add to that his previous talks of Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and even Finn Jones’ Iron Fist’s MCU return, and it’s possible that we have a defender 2.0 on our hands Now if only there could be room for agents of SHIELD The cast will also be great.

bottle gourd Season two looks to fill a Brie Larson-sized gap in Marvel’s 2023 calendar

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Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantummaniaK’s end-credits scene got us excited bottle gourd season two, so it’s disappointing to fans that Marvel hasn’t set a release date yet. According to new intel, however, it’s possible that the second part of Tom Hiddleston’s Disney Plus show could be set to fill a gap in the MCU’s slate that was previously occupied. Miracle, Brie Larson has been heading into fall lately with sequels, which left us without a big Marvel summer treat, but it appears bottle gourd May be the ones taking that honor instead. Now we just need to truncate the TVA timeline a bit so July can come early…

The court has not yet decided whether talk of MODOK returning from shock is admissible evidence, but we’ll be ready to testify under oath more Marvel news coming soon.

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