Latest Marvel news: ‘Quantummania’ breaks most embarrassing MCU record ever as ‘Spider-Man’ star firing could end long-awaited return

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At this point, it’s almost too hard to rag Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania Now, in spite of its myriad faults, as Miracle Whichever way you look at the Phase Five opener, it has been completely gutted. From tying for a studio-less Rotten Tomatoes score to ferocious fan reactions, antman 3 Certainly can’t stoop any further – well, at least you wouldn’t think it could, but somehow this movie still finds a way. Elsewhere, a scandal in which a Spider Man For Sinister Six fans, the star may sting…

Was the MCU’s latest lead turned away when he was set to make his own Disney Plus debut?

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We have a lot of question marks regarding the future of Marvel’s Disney Plus output, with most of the studio’s upcoming streaming series being delayed over the past few years. It’s possible, that the star of one of these shows has decided to spill some top-secret information to give fans some good news in their time of need. echoown of Alaqua Cox teased on social media That she can’t wait for October to come. when a fan asked if that meant Hawkeye The spinoff is dropping this month, with the actress giving an interesting response full of emoji. Let’s be cautiously optimistic about this one.

A Spider Man Star fired from new series over on-set altercation delivers a harrowing moment on his Marvel return

spider man homecoming
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Remember how we’ve always been fixated on Michael Mando returning to the MCU as Scorpion after major hints that he would form the Sinister Six. Spider-Man: Homecomingpost credits scene? Well, the latest development with the actor’s career certainly doesn’t fill us with confidence that Marvel is going to welcome him back with open arms, as Mando has been surprisingly axed from Apple TV Plus. drowning spring After some sort of on-set altercation. Full details of the incident have yet to be disclosed, but Mando’s role in the production has been rapidly restructured. narcosWagner Moura.

quantum frenzy Yet Another Terrible MCU Is On Its Way To Breaking Records As Its Box Office Earnings Are Less Than Scott Lang’s

ant man and the wasp quantummania
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quantum frenzyThe standing of the becomes more and more subtle. Not satisfied with already earning the joint-worst review of any Marvel movie, antman 3 Now the second weekend in MCU history is set to get the biggest box office drop-off. By the looks of things, Peyton Reed’s threequel is set to drop 70 percent from last weekend’s figures, which may actually go so far as to cause it to break a record for the entire superhero genre, let alone Marvel. Skip the studios. something tells us the possibility of antman 4 actually disappearing in the quantum realm…

One rumor has Reed Richards admitting that the thought of playing Mister Fantastic fills him with dread, but fear not yourself, Marvel junkie, because more MCU news is never far away.

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