Latest ‘Star Wars’ news: Jon Favreau talks Mandalorian history while fans entertain themselves imagining ‘The Mandalorian’ video game for Disney

good day to be star wars fan. the mandalorian Season 3 Episode 2 premieres tomorrow, and Jon Favreau has shed some light on the direction he and his team are going with Jedi and the Mandalorian this season. While fans await new episodes, they’re keeping themselves entertained by drawing comparisons between Mando’s obsession with upgrading his gear and Navarro’s evolution to the pacing of RPG video games. And Pedro Pascal continues to delight fans, this time by participating in a hot ones Interview on youtube.

Mando: The Video Game

Disney / Lucasfilm

fans of the mandalorian are drawing parallels between the show’s pacing and a video game following the season 3 premiere. Reddit users had plenty of comparisons to make; From Mando’s armor upgrades mirroring the leveling system in the games, to our boy’s obsession with side-quests, this has RPG written all over it. When it’s all laid out like this, the Disney Plus series sounds like an open-world RPG that everyone will want to play.

New Mandalorian lore still based on old Mando-lore

Din-Zaren-Boba Fett-The Mandalorian
Image via Disney Plus

Jon Favreau recently spoke to Screen Rant about how his team is piecing together the expanded lore for The Mandalore fables as well as real world inspirations. showrunner also wants fans to know that JD is in the mandalorian aren’t just for fan service; They are meant to serve as oddities for the warrior caste. In Favreau’s own somewhat repeated words, “the discrimination is enough to separate the Mandalorians from the Jedi because they were historically enemies.” We took a look at their semi-discreet statements under the microscope, and compared the two religious warrior groups, including their origins, so you don’t have to.

A hot guy goes to a ‘hot guy’

pedro pascal
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Now that the mandalorian With Season 3 finally underway, fans can’t get enough of hunky Pedro Pascal. The actor has been busy promoting both his iconic Mando role, and his incredible work as HBO’s Joel, throughout the event. last of us, Pascal added another stop to his promotional tour; An appearance on the hit YouTube talk show hot ones, The show centers on celebs answering incredibly well-researched questions by host Sean Evans over a shared meal of Hot Wings. If those stakes aren’t high enough already, each question comes with increasingly spicy hot sauce. The Chilean-born, Texas-raised actor is no stranger to spice, though, and may be one of the few guests to make it without a glass of milk.

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