Laura Escanes responds to those who warn her about Álvaro de Luna

Laura Escanes

Laura Escanes She is used to any kind of movement that generates a reaction on social networks. It is his medium and ecosystem that has known the influencer. But the fact is that since they parted Risto Majide and her recent romance with alvaro de luna, His media exposure has increased, which has inevitably multiplied the criticism and criticism of his life decisions. It’s been weeks since I was affected naturally shows the plans she makes with her boy, And, how could it be otherwise, the public is split between those who are happy about the new relationship and those who judge it: He recently replied to the latter,

Laura Escanes and Álvaro de Luna share their first video together

A recent fact has been one that has inspired a dialectical confrontation between the Ascensions and one of their followers. everything is caused by The surprise that Rome’s mother recently gave to her boy, A few days earlier Álvaro had given a concert in Bilbao. And Laura then decided to take a plane without any prior notice., And appear there unexpectedly to impress your partner. Laura recorded several stories at the airport, although she did not publish anything until hours later, so as not to make it appear that she was not in Madrid.

When he finally published all the material, de Luna replied in the publication to his girl thanking her for her gesture. Thank You” and a couple of emoticons for going to one of his concerts on purpose, Looks like it’s not enough as a sign of love, for some followers of the one in Barcelona. This is what he sent her in the comments to his recent publications.

Laura Escanes responds to those who doubt Álvaro de Luna’s feelings for her

a user has questioned the artist’s true feelings by Instagrammer. In the comments of one of his latest publications, this response can be read: “My boyfriend comes to me by plane to surprise me and I eat it. I think Alvarito doesn’t love you that much, less At least he doesn’t like it you do,” this user told you. And Escanes has responded directly, trying to give proper measure of what is being seen on the social network.

,I prefer they display it to me than social networksYou don’t see everything on the network”, Laura replied in a comment that accumulated dozens of likes. But the conversation continued: “Of course, beautiful, well, don’t show so much on social networks, it’s not going as You know about morros”, the user above replied.

Laura Escanes responds to those who question Álvaro de Luna’s feelings for herInstagram

Catalan wanted to give one last answer, asserting her right to publish what she believes, and to make her own decisions without judging anyone for it: “Calm down, it’s my account, I I publish what I want, sometimes more, sometimes less. And if I give it to myself, don’t worry, what will I give to myself”, he assured, ending his remarks with a laughing emoticon. The user told her to bring the situation to a close, that he has always considered her “a madman from head to toe and a madman”.

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