laura pausini You have taken one of the most important personal decisions of your life. italian singer and his partner, paul letterthey would later become husband and wife 18 years together, This has been said by the Italian newspaper ‘Il Corriere della Sera’. Apparently, both had intended to get married for two years now 2021But it will be too soon when they fulfill their desire to formalize their relationship.


In fact, the singer has been shying away from saying ‘yes, I want’ to her partner for many years. Letter, Guitarist and Artistic ProducerHe is the man of her life. they have a daughter paolaBorn on February 8, 2013. And she seemed content to just be with him. In a recent interview, he explained it this way: “It took me a long time to accept this love, but it was very strong. I never thought of replacing the mother of his children and I didn’t want our story to hurt the children.”, He was estranged from her when Paolo came into her life Rebecca Alley And they had three children. This made her want to be judicious about her relationship.

Over the years, and after starting a family together, Laura Pausini is encouraged to marry Paolo. However, the coronavirus pandemic cut short his plans. Now it seems that he has resumed the project he had taken up. After two decades by Paolo’s side, Laura Pausini will finally walk down the aisle. And she assures it. “If we have to choose between going on a yacht with thousands of rich people showing off their money or taking a motorbike to be alone on the beach closest to Rome, we will always choose the latter. I like the simplicity of its shape ” Is going”, he explained in a recent interview.

According to the above mentioned Italian newspaper, An announcement of their upcoming wedding has appeared on the website of the Municipality of Rome., “Considering their location and dates of birth, there is no danger of being mistaken: it is indeed them,” he says.