“Lena Morgan doesn’t fit me because she’s American”

AleThose competitions have become one of the formats most consumed by Spanish audiences. In the afternoon, these programs fill the network of chains and there is always someone or something. competitor Which attracts public attention and spreads madness in various social networks.

I just happened yesterday ‘clown’, The contest of La 1 presenter by Aitor Albizua has gone viral due to the reaction of one of its participants, who, Everyone present was surprised, considering their choice of option.That too of his partner.

A contestant’s surprising reflection on ‘El Comodin’

During the program, Etor Albizua throws a question to Juan, the contestant chosen to try to win the jackpot. At first glance this question seemed the easiest to get right, But a misinterpretation almost cost the contestant his participation.

“She was a fool in the boat, but she was not a fool because she became the owner of the La Latina theater”, narrated the presenter. was among the responses Lina Morgan, Ana Obregón, Rafaela Aparicio and Florinda Chico. It would seem that both the public and the viewer had a clear choice, but Juan not so much.

Competitor denied as first option Lena Morgansince according to “The actress was American”, This provoked the laughter of Albizua who asked him if he was sure of his decision, something that made him doubt his choice.

In the end, it was Juan’s partner who unleashed madness on the set, taunting the contestant: “Juanin, this is Lena Morgan. It’s as Spanish as a potato omelette.”A reaction has gone viral on social networks, divided between those who are shocked at not knowing the famous actress and those who blame it on the generation gap.

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