Leticia Sabater meets Tim Burton but mistakes him for a famous actor

Leticia Sabater, like a talkative reporter, informed her followers on social networks about one of the most juicy sauces of the moment. The presenter found herself in a restaurant with Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci, the most sought-after couple on the international scene, and that’s how she told her followers… just with a slight twist.

“Don’t you know who I met yesterday? No less than Tim Burton in Madrid, having dinner at the same restaurant as me,” Sabater speculated. The filmmaker was accompanied by his partner, actress Monica Bellucci and singer of sausageThey were all in the same room, “not in a booth.”

“He had suckling pig for dinner. I had suckling pig for dinner. He certainly licked his fingers. You already know that foreign artists end up like eating what we here in Spain ,” he added, expressing his confusion.

Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci at the Lumiere Festival in October 2022 in Lyon, France.GTRES

“I’m a superfan of him and the movie [Charlie y] chocolate Factory, wonderful, when he goes with her looks like That great suit with the top hat and the cane…that’s unforgettable,” Leticia Sabater continued with a comment that made it clear she was mixing Tim Burton with Johnny Depp.

“He was charming with the restaurant service. He is a wonderful person. As a person and as an actor,” he praised.

With humor, Leticia Sabater has reacted to her slip by sharing news screenshots about her mistake with “sorry” (I’m sorry) and laughing emojis.

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