Letizia Style Look: Elisabeth of Belgium copies Princess Leonor with a very pretty and easy-to-copy pink total look

Each royal house has a style and wisdom that characterizes it and identifies its image in one way or another. However, there are always similarities between one and the other and when it comes to style, the coincidences are usually more than obvious. A good example is the Zara blazer worn by Kate Middleton and Victoria of Sweden.


Royal Family They are inspired by others when it comes to dressing and keeping in mind that Queen Letizia is always at the forefront of best dressed royal women, her outfits are usually the most copied. and it seems

Elizabeth from Belgium A stylistic reference is found in our king. Proof? this blue gala dress and

all pink look What have you worn recently?

The heir to the throne of Belgium has traveled with his mother, Queen Matilde

Egypt To honor Queen Elizabeth II’s passion for the country and to support Belgian archaeological research there. Mother and daughter landed in Cairo yesterday and the first stop on the trip has been a visit to the exhibition on Queen Elizabeth at the Palais Empain.

There, we have been able to see the two of them smiling and being very happy together and we have been able to verify that Elizabeth has completely said goodbye to her childish image and given way to a more adult one. Which is reflected because of thanksgiving. his clothes.

Elisabeth from The Pink Look of Belgium. / @Belgian Royal Palace

The 21-year-old has already managed to sneak into our list of best dressed royals for being colorful and very flattering, as we’ve signed up for her in Egypt: a

all pink look With which she has snatched the limelight from her mother, who opted for a white midi dress.

The princess looked her prettiest in a round neck top with cape-effect sleeves and matching straight and high-waisted pants. Both outfits are from Emporio Armani and she paired them with nude pumps from Jimmy Choo, a matching bag from Kai, and some original Armani earrings.

It was an ensemble starring pink, a super trend color that has been widespread for several seasons and which is without a doubt one of Doña Letizia’s favourites. Our monarch loves the tone so much that even his daughters Leonor and Sofia have joined in.

Princess Leonor in pink dress. / GTRES

Especially the princess, who we have seen on several occasions in a fuchsia total that is very flattering on her and that has allowed us to say that it is one of her favorite colors and, without a doubt, she The color she wears the most is for special occasions.

Yes, we already know that red is the fetish color of Queen Letizia and there is no color that identifies her, however, with the pink fever that we have been experiencing in recent seasons, the monarch has shown that This is also a great option. And Leonor herself, following in her mother’s footsteps, confirmed her theory.

Princess Leonor in pink dress. / GTRES

And it seems Elizabeth of Belgium has done just that. As we say, it is not the first time that we see a similarity in the looks of the two and today we have realized that, in fact, it promises to compete with the heir to the Spanish throne. A stylistic duality that pointed ways and we are sure it will give us fabulous looks to remember.

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