Little girl ‘Tina’ of ‘Mr India’ is now leading such a life

Mumbai, March 15- Written by Salim-Javed and directed by Shekhar Kapur, the film Mr. India is on everyone’s lips. In this film, the role of Mist India played by Anik Kapoor and the role of Calendar played by Satish Kaushik is not forgotten by the children company even today. The role of child actors in this film was equally important. A 6-year-old girl played the role of ‘Tina’ in this film. These girls with chubby cheeks and cute faces won everyone’s heart. Everyone wonders what this little one does now and how she looks. We are about to find out about this little Tina.

Tina’s real name is Hujan Khodaji who mesmerizes everyone with her smile. She was only 6 years old during the shooting of the film ‘Mr. India’. There is a bomb threat in the film and Tina dies in it. The audience was very impressed by this scene of the film. Tina’s death was a shock to viewers.

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Now Hujan has grown up. Now cute Tina’s look has changed. Little Tina and now Hujana have changed a lot. Looked so cute in childhood and looks so beautiful now. Now she has become wiser and equally sensible.

According to the information received, Hujan has also been married. He also has two children. Talking about her work, she works in an advertising company. She is no longer working in Bollywood. He is currently happy in his world. Especially the film ‘Mr India’ was liked by everyone. Every character in the film was a hit, be it Amrish Puri’s negative role Mogambo or Satish Kaushik’s character ‘Calendar’. Even today this film has a huge fan base.

Late actress Sridevi, who ruled everyone’s hearts by saying ‘Hawa Hawai…’, may not be among us today but her fans have many memories related to her. Sridevi had made a home in the hearts of fans by acting brilliantly in the film ‘Mr. India’. He was supported by actor Anil Kapoor in the film Mr. India. Many memories related to the film ‘Mr India’ are still fresh in the minds of the fans. The film ‘Mr India’ was produced by producer Boney Kapoor.

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