Live-Action Insomniacs After School Film Reveals More Cast, Debuts June 23

Haruka Kudo, Yoichiro Saito join the cast

Official website for the live-action film Makoto Ojiro‘S insomnia after school ,kimi wa hokago insomnia) manga on Saturday revealed more of the cast and the June 23 start of the film.

© オジロマコト・小学館/Movie 「君ソム」 ツィックックック

The new cast includes: (top row left to right then bottom row)

  • Haruka Kudo as Saya Magari, Isaki’s older sister
  • Yoichiro Saito as Isaki’s father
  • Tomoko Tabata as Isaki’s childhood friend’s mother
  • Danden as Director of a Historical Archive
  • Megumi as Isaki’s mother
  • Masato Hagiwara as Ganta’s father
© オジロマコト・小学館/Movie 「君ソム」 ツィックックック

Film Stars:

  • nana mori Isaki as Magari
  • daiken okudaira as ganta failure
  • Yuki Sakurai as Usako Kurashiki
  • Minori Hagiwara as Yui Shiromaru
  • Kaisei Kamimura as Tao Ukegawa
  • Sera Anzai as Kanami Anamizu
  • Reiko Nagase as Motoko Kanikawa
  • Honoka Kawasaki as Mina Nono

Chihiro Ikeda (Tokyo Rendezvous, Towako Omameda and her three ex-husbands, Jeopardy, Startup Girls) is directing. United Productions is planning and producing the project, and pony valley Is sharing

i.e. media manga, and will release its first compiled book volume on March 21. The company describes the manga:

Two sleepless teens find a kinship when they escape from their school’s astronomy observatory.

Unable to sleep at night, Ganta is hopelessly irritable in class and unpopular among his classmates. Nakami discovers that the observatory, once used by the defunct astronomy club, might be the perfect place to nap—but he’s not alone. Nakami and his new friend Isaki Magari find comfort in each other while battling insomnia.

No one goes near the Astronomy Tower because of dark rumors about the fate of the last Astronomy Club members. Nakami and her classmate Magari decide this is a sanctuary from their insomnia. Unfortunately, school teachers cannot allow unapproved uses. But if there was a new astronomy club…

Ojiro launched the manga in shogakukan‘S Big Comic Spirits magazine in May 2019. shogakukan Published the 11th volume of the manga on January 12.

The manga is also inspiring a television anime which will premiere on April 10. music video for rock band Macaroni EnpitsuThe song “Enshin” (Centrifuge) featured the manga’s art in 2019.

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